Resource page for progressive voters in the North Carolina second district

The districts drawn by NC Republicans, declared unconstitutional more than once, will hopefull be redrawn before the 2020 election. In the mean time we have to make sure people are registered to vote, and that preparations for having PHOTO ID in 2020 are underway. Free photo IDs are available at most DMV locations and at the Board of Elections, but only during M-F business hours, so plan ahead. (Photo ID not needed for 2019 elections.)

All four of our state-wide judicial races went to the Democrats. In particular, we look forward to ANITA EARLS to bring justice to bear on the current unfair districting of North Carolina.

→ To check if you have been removed from the active voter rolls click here: or here: NC VOTER SEARCH
→ If you need to get registered (or if you've been dropped, or you've moved, and you need to re-register) click here

One way to ensure no last-minute surprises: sign up for REGWATCH - the site monitors any changes in your voting status and notifies you if a problem arises. Click the picture to visit the site.

The two worst amendments did not pass. However, Voter ID did pass, and we will have to work, starting now, to make sure all our citizens have acceptable Voter ID and are registered to vote.

What counties are currently in North Carolina's Second Congressional district? This is a district that was engineered to elect a Republican and it did its job.

In many races since 2016 the winner won by only a handful of votes. Sometimes, if ONE MORE DEMOCRAT had put on shoes and gone to the polls, our candidate would have won. YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!!

Voting by mail (absentee voting) and early voting: the NC GOP is intentionally making it harder to vote. In June 2018 they reduced the number of early voting days and are planning to conduct "voter purges" to remove people from the rolls.

Don't get mad, get even - VOTE ANYWAY! Have a plan for getting to the polls. And if you're concerned about lines being too long or getting hassled - or not being able to get to the polling place - you can VOTE BY MAIL. You do not need an excuse or a reason. Anybody can request to vote by mail. Then you can do it all in your pajamas. It's a two part process:
  • Download an absentee ballot (vote by mail application) by clicking here: ABSENTEE BALLOT or call the Board of Elections at (866) 522-4723 - then press zero a few times till you get a real human being and ask to have a form mailed to you.
    Or, you can make copies of the form for friends and family who don't have access to the internet. Or anybody can call me (Jane) at 919-606-2122 and I'll mail forms to them directly. When it arrives, fill it out and mail it back. Now you're on their list to get an absentee ballot and ...
  • ... when the actual ballot arrives in your mailbox 30-60 days before the primary or the election, you fill it out in the presence of two witnesses and mail it in. No worries!
Click here to see a video about registering to vote by mail in NC and voting by mail (absentee voting) in NC

EARLY VOTING: Each county offers a few locations where you can vote in the weeks just before the election. This is a good alternative if you are worried about long lines.

The "Millions of Jobs" coalition

Progressive leaders in Congress and the Millions of Jobs Coalition have announced a massive campaign to create millions of jobs. We're calling for a big public investment in roads, bridges, and 21st century projects, paid for by making Wall Street, giant corporations, and the rich pay their fair share.

Two victories against gerrymandering! Gerrymandering is when the party in power draws district lines to ensure they win as many seats as possible. The United States Supreme Court just ruled against GOP gerrymandering in North Carolina, both in its national and its state-wide districts. Here is an example they cited:

The court explains: "61.78% of the population of Rocky Mount was assigned to House District 7, but the lines were drawn such that the district managed to capture almost all of the city’s voting-age African-American population in Nash County: 96.16%."

Our GOP-dominated NC General Assembly will fight changes as long as they can. We need to stand up to them. And to win against gerrymandering, we all have to vote. And DON'T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO VOTE because the GOP is trying to make problems for you when you vote.

Click the picture below to see a two-minute video explaining our unfair districts and why they matter:

Click here to see what your neighbors have been saying about the state of the world! Add your voice!

The Republicans in your district elected Republican George Holding to the House of Representatives. He routinely votes with Trump.

He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it with much worse and more expensive insurance in order to pay for tax cuts for the most wealthy Americans.

It doesn't have to be this way! Your district, the 2nd Congressional District, is about evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. If we get Democrats out to vote in 2018 we can send George Holding home.

Your district in NC has been designated a swing district by - visit them to learn more.

My daughter tells me I should say who I am and why I put up this page. This is a picture of me and my son at the Die-In at Duke a while back. He and I live between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough with a couple of donkeys and ten chickens. I am generally a retiring and introverted person, but I'm so horrified by what the Republicans have done lately, I can't sleep, so I'm working to try and change things. I was never a political person before, but since identified the second congressional district (your district) as the nearest place where we can be making a difference, I'm trying to help good things happen.

Your district is important. I notice when I go door to door that, though the number of Democrats is approximately equal to the number of Republicans, many Democrats feel alone. The way to combat this feeling is to get involved, to volunteer in some way. Also, precincts (your neighborhood and the other people who all vote where you do) are going to be part of organizing local picnics and events so you can meet like minded people.

I find the machinery of politics overwhelming and thought maybe you do too - so this page is supposed to be a way for you to connect immediately with somebody who'll value your contributions, whatever they may be. If you email or call the folks on this page, somebody local should get back to you within the week - and if they don't, call or write me and I promise I'll find you the right people to talk with. Jane Peppler: call me at 919-606-2122 or email me: