If your precinct needs to be organized

An "organized" precinct has a voice at the annual county Democratic Convention, it participates in decision making.

To be organized a precinct needs, at a minimum, five registered Democrats. Three will be precinct officers and two (or more) are general members. It can then send folks from the precinct as delegates to the annual county convention. I went to an annual convention in Harnett County. It was very interesting!

If one or two of your members can't attend your annual meeting in person they may (with prior permission) attend the meeting via Skype, phone, etc.

As far as I can see, precinct organization is mostly paperwork: as a newly organizing precinct you will have experienced people meeting with you and helping you.

For help you can call me (Jane Peppler) at 919-606-2122 or email me: Jane@mappamundi.com.

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