Democratic candidates running in 2018 in outer Wake County, North Carolina

Wake County districting is very complicated because it is very gerrymandered. Inner Raleigh is in Congressional District 04, with Durham and Chapel Hill. Outer Raleigh is in Congressional District 02, with Harnett, Nash, Franklin, part of Wilson, and Johnston.

In order to be sure who you can vote for in the May primaries and in the November General Election, find your precinct by clicking here: my voter registration data.
Look at the top of the right-hand column. Just below your precinct you'll see which Congressional (that's the legislators in Washington), NC Senate and NC House District you are in.

IMPORTANT: You must be registered at your CURRENT ADDRESS in order to vote. If your name is missing, or if it turns up with an incorrect address, you need to re-register. Contact us and we'll help you.

NC Senate District 14: Dan Blue
NC Senate District 15: Jay J. Chaudhuri
NC Senate District 16: Wiley Nickel and Lewis Toledo will face off in the primaries
NC Senate District 17: Sam Searcy
NC Senate District 18: Mack Paul
NC House District 11: Allison Dahle, Duane Hall, and Heather Metour
NC House District 33: Shirley Hicks, Antoine Marshall, and Rosa Gill
NC House District 34: Grier Martin
NC House District 35: Terence Everitt and Adam Wright
NC House District 36: Julie von Haefen
NC House District 37: Sydney Batch
NC House District 38: Yvonne Lewis Holley
NC House District 39: Darren Jackson
NC House District 40: Joe John
NC House District 41: Gail Adcock
NC House District 49: Cynthia Ball
Wake County contacts

call the Wake County Democratic Party at 919-828-5656 or
email Rebecca Llewellyn or
In the "Wakeville" area (northern Wake in NC-02, Wake Forest etc) contact volunteer coordinators Jeff Heynen and Jonathan Coby
In the southern part of Wake County, to volunteer or learn more about goings-on in the Holly Springs district, email Susan Barnard, District Coordinator.

For more information or to help us out, text or call me, Jane Peppler, at 919-606-2122 or email me:

Click here to learn more about your "swing district," the Second Congressional District - NC-02