What your neighbors have been saying about the state of the world

These are some of the comments made by voters we've met in the counties of NC-02 - if you'd like to add to them just email me at jane@mappamundi.com and I'll add your voice to this page.

Wake Forest, July 22 2017

We should not group all immigrants into the same category and kick them out.

Health care: I'm worried about Medicare/Medicaid. It's discouraging to think about where we'll be if this continues. Improve Obamacare, leave it in place.

Take care of youngsters so they don't use drugs, they need other things to do, especially in high school.

Immigration: we disagree with the current direction. People aren't given a chance based on their work. People who are not criminals should not be deported.

Healthcare: situation is very unfair. They should continue with Obamacare, maybe with some changes. My daughter is in the gap - she makes too much to get subsidies but not enough to afford insurance.

I don't like how Trump disrespects people. It's nuts to think Mexico would pay for his wall.

He needs to be more diplomatic, doesn't seem very presidential.

On a scale of 0-10 how happy am I with the election? Can I go below zero?

I hate how elections are held. There is a lack of integrity and honor. Democrats and Republicans have gone so far away from each other, and all are voting the same by party. Congress people should vote anonymously. I don't agree with the electoral college. So if a Republican wants to vote against his party he doesn't have to answer to McConnell or Ryan.

People sent to Congress were sent to vote how their consituents want, not for McConnell, Ryan, Schumer, or Pelosi.

Trump is not qualified for the job. In all my years of being able to vote, this is the most depressing. I really feel bad for the younger generation because if this is a baseline it's bad.

The Democratic leadership is stagnant in terms of their ability to do anything.

If you run for President you should have experience, you should need more qualifications than over 35 years old and American born. You need a resume that includes service to the community. You shouldn't be a draft dodger like Trump.

If Bernie hadn't run, Hillary would have won in a landslide.

If Republicans would talk to Democrats, they could pass healthcare.

I have no doubts Trump colluded with Russia.

People thought their vote didn't count so they case protest votes. This will get people aware of how much voting matters.

Economy: He's just interested in filling his own pockets. His own personal interests vs. what we're doing for the nation. He does what's best for him and his family.

Healthcare: I don't understand the whole repeal process. They have no idea how to replace it - they should make it better instead. First thing to come out is a giant tax cut for the rich.

I hate the tone of how people are getting along - the overall racial tones of the president and how the administration approaches all Americans.

Look at his voter fraud actions - he's just trying to stack the deck.

He had a giant amount of moral flaws but people still voted for him. It doesn't seem that he's bringing anything to the table.

My first issue? [From a Trump voter] The bad conditions of the masses - they need work. Also, those who are at the helm should let people outside the US live their lives.

North Korea is my first concern. Energy dependence is my second concern - we need to explore renewable resources. My third concern? North Korea again, it scares the bejeezus out of me.

I'm disgusted by the health care confusion, between the two parties.

Trump made false promises about infrastructure improvement. I'm studying to be a pilot and see he is not making the changes he said he would. There is no effort at all.

Dishonesty is what bothers me! What can we believe?

Poverty in urban developments, the economy is not doing well, and racism.

Immigration policy: we need to be open to other people. The fear needs to be talked about.

There should be no cutting of health care at all. Leave it the way it is or the premiums will be too high for the poor and miccle class.

There should be no cuts in the program sfor seniors. It's important for us to mingle with others. It keeps me healthy. I volunteer for Meals on Wheels. That program is so important for people, they wait for their meals, they're homebound. I talk to them, they are so lonely. The programs help with fitness and activities.

The uninsured need help! They can't afford the premiums!

I love the North Wake Senior Center in Wake Forest and hope it doesn't get cut.

I'm self-employed and we depend on our Obama care.

Tax reform: it should be fair, not for the rich.

Politicians should be honest. Gerrymandering disgusts me.

He campaigned saying the old jobs would come back, but they don't exist now. We need jobs of today, not of the past.

I'm confused about healthcare. As long as we have a system that has to make money - it's expensive. Democrats say it should be a god-given entitlement, but it's run as a business. People can barely pay their mortgages, they won't be able to pay for cancer coverage.

We need to have sustainability in energy, but lobbyists for fossil fuels won't let us move forward.

Unemployment is worse than they admit - it's not just people on the rolls - people aren't being counted.

I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago, it cost $105,000, thank God I had insurance.

There are terrible racial and social divisions.

Growth in Wake Forest needs to slow down.

The tax law needs to change, it needs to be simplified.

Health care needs to be less expensive.

I'd love to see term limits for Congress.

[Trump voter] I'm worried about the global opinion of the U.S. - our reputation is changing. I'm worried about medicare and health care. I'm worried about jobs. The tax brackets do not tax the wealthy as they should. I wish Trump would stay off the media unless he had something presidential to say.

[Trump voter] Healthcare: Leave Medicare alone! We need job creation. Immigration: I'm not for throwing people out. They need a chance to become citizens.

Healthcare: I personally think we need single payer.

It would be really nice if people would stop believing anything Trump says.

Take God out of the election.

I hate that Trump makes fun of the disabled.

We need tax reform, simplification, and corporations should pay their fair share. They're making plenty of money. I used to be a Republican but I changed my affiliation to Democrat after the last primary.

Holly Springs, July 9 2017

Healthcare - we need for coverage for people who need it instead of a huge tax break

Stepping out of the Paris Agreetant was a bad move.

Betsy deVos was a bad choice, she doesn't have a clue

I worry about minority voter suppression

Economics: we need more skilled jobs.

I'm an Ethiopian immigrant. Now things are as bad here as they were in Africa.

The healthcare situation is awful. Frightening.

Teachers should be makin gmore money. We need better funding for public education.

I'm against the Republican healthcare bill.

I'm against the immigration laws he's trying to put in place.

I'm against Russian involvement in controlling the media.

I'm against HB2.

I'm against gerrymandering.

There are no efforts to reduce violence.

There is unawareness of global warming.

We need better education from the public schools.

Trump makes bad decisions about other countries. He says something and then does something else.

I'm worried about: the Russia situation, his tweeting, global warming

Why won't he show his taxes?

I hate his immigration policies.

Keep healthcare intact and affordable.

He's not presidential. He's a liar.

He's not doing the right thing about immigration. People who are working and paying taxes shouldn't be thrown out.

Racism is the worst it's ever been.

Healthcare: many things are being cut, people are ill, it causes depression in grownups and children.

People don't have places to live. There are homeless people everywhere.

There's no sense of community - we don't know our neighbors - some kids fall through the cracks and don't get a chance to be productive adults.

I don't like that they're tearing each other down.

They're not listening to the little guy, the ordinary hard working guy.

We need higher wages for 9-5 jobs.

Kids can't make enough money to pay back their student loans.

The cost of living in cities is so high. Gentrification is hurting us.

This Russia thing is iffy - what's going on?

Medicare - it won't be there for people who need it.

Healthcare - people can't afford it.

Jobs - there needs to be decent pay for people without a college education.

[Trump voter] I didn't like Trump but there were rumors about HIllary. My daughter told me she was responsible for murder and that she supported prostitution. I listened to my daughter. Trump? I don't listen to his mouth. I don't like Putin, he's a snake. Healthcare: when Obama was in I didn't worry about it. I'm entitled to Medicare. I don't know what Trump intends to do. Immigration: those who are here should not be separated from their kids. They should be encouraged to become citizens. I liked Clinton. We should get rid of the deficit. The GOP spends spends spends. I've seen too much of the GOP taking advantage of the poor.

I'm angry about the interaction of the law with the black community.

People are struggling.

I'm worried for people. Not me, I'm covered, but the elderly. I thought this country was America, anyone could come here and have a decent life. I don't like the deportation - we are all God's people. He's trying to take the place of God.

He hadn't been in the military or in politics. He's unwilling to pay taxes. He doesn't add up to being presidential material.

Healthcare: Americans are getting older, a lot are not able to afford the medicine and healthcare to live longer. Lives are being shortened.

Foreign relations: these other countries see us as a laughing stock, a joke. We have a president more interested in social media than in writing and proofreading his own speeches.

There is too much controversy around him. He criticized our last president. People look to a president as a leader and he has not shown the leadership skills.


Healthcare - will it exist for people who can't afford it?

Higher education is not affordable.

Healthcare: they're going to have to go with single payer. The GOP will have to do it. How else? They can't keep the costs down and if people aren't covered it will kill them.

We should stop getting into wars all over the world, we should stop being global policemen. We should pay more attention to peopel here. We can't solve our own problems.

Stop gerrymandering! It skews the discussion. I'm a moderate and we are ignored.

There's such a divide between urban and rural. We're not paying attention to what the country folks need.

Holly Springs, July 2, 2017

I'm worried about violence. The president should stop attacking specific communities. Not all Muslims are bad. They're having a hard time. Everyone needs justice.

The president is like a child - if he wants something he wants it. He needs to grow up.

I don't understand what's going on with medical insurance. It's in limbo.

What's wrong with the country is what's wrong with people. When they try to fix things they do more harm than good. Why are they pushing back against renewable energy? This is not free market behavior. Are they being paid off by the fossil fuel industry?

I don't believe in voting because our voices are not heard.

War is coming soon.

Racism: you see it all the time. It's a lot worse than it used to be. We live with it every day.

There should be more for kids to do: summer camps, swimming, activities

Salaries are much too low for the cost of living.

Immigration: everybody should be treated equally.

There should be better social benefit safety net. People living on social security are hungry, living from check to check.

The health care system is broken. The profit should be taken out of it.

I hate the systemic income inequality. The system is rigged. You have to have money to make money. It's set up to keep the rich on top.

I hate the fearmongering. On every issue each side is afraid. Even when they haven't been affected they're scared. It's irrational.

The NC General Assembly is a joke. I voted for a lot of those Republicans. I wanted to see a change and I didn't like Purdue. I liked what they said. Now they haven't done anything they said they'd do.

Racism! I hate it!

Health insurance should be more affordable.

Wages - people are penalized for working. My husband and I each work two jobs. We have five children and we don't get any help at all. Some people on government assistance are just lazy but others have had a bad turn in life or never got a chance. They need a leg up.

I'm worried about worse relations with other countries. Intolerance and discrimination against immigrants.

The threat of not having healthcare for millions who are uninsured or underinsured. All they have to protect them is the ACA. My own parents are in this category.

I don't like the direction the country is going. What happened to morals, and values, and tolerance?

Trump is opening the country's eyes to what's going on.

If this is such a rich and powerful nation no one should be starving, unable to feed their families, nobody should be homeless.

Healthcare - I wish doctors would tell the truth. I suspect them of pushing treatments and drugs on us.

Security, two-pronged: the way we are respected in the world with our allies is related to our security. How close he is to the Russians and other tyrants. He completely tosses our allies to the wolves.

Healthcare - but I'll be covered either way, I have Medicare.

Stabilization of our economy - we should try to sustain a solid 1-1.5% growth

I dislike bi-partisan feuding. It's disfunctional. They can't work together, but it's their job.

Workers' rights: they're being removed!

International affairs: we can't travel and see family because my spouse is an immigrant.

The NC General Assembly refuses to listen to the constituents. Nobody is happy with Common Core.

The possibility that Trump might not mandate vaccination is a major issue for third party voters.

We need medicaid because one of our kids has special needs. We are considering moving.

When World War II vets die out, and the Boomers, nobody will have any idea what this country should have been, could have been. Ethics are obsolete.

Our president is so ignorant, the rest of the world is laughing at us.

How long will the Social Security system last? Will the younger generations see any benefit?

Health care costs continue to rise.

When you have politicians who are more concerned about themselves than what's going on - self interested, you feel the boat has no captain. They don't understand the actual needs.

Economy - there's no way for us to plan our future because there is no direction.

With the president there's no sense of purpose. He acts emotionally rather than pragmatically.

Our street is washing away. The trees were clear cut, the storm drains don't work.

Holly Springs, June 11 2017

I'm concerned about immigration. They're rounding up hard-working people with kids, they get no trial. They're using some loophole.

What's their problem with healthcare? It's not right. They had all this time to make a plan to replace Obamacare, and what they came up with is idiotic. People won't be able to afford it.

Tax breaks for the rich - why??

He's convinced blue collar workers coal will come back. No. We need skilled workers.

Infrastructure! I drive every day, the roads and bridges are bad. We don't have the good rail systems other countries have. The bus system shuts down so early every night and blue collar workers can't get home.

Education: it needs updating. We are nowhere near the top compared to other countries. Other countries give an education to everyone. How can poor families do it? Their schools are awful. Teacher pay is too low.

Gun control: there need to be background checks at gun shows and with private sales. There should not be concealed weapons. You don't need an Uzi for hunting, you'll splatter that deer all over the place.

I'm worried about violence in the world.

The medical situation is affecting the whole country.

The economy is getting worse, it's not improving.

Policies are leading to discrimination and voter suppression.

I'm a veteran. The Republicans are not supporting us.

The ACA was pretty good but they're taking it apart to make the rich richer.

What about our safety? I'm worried about war and nuclear weapons.

There is a problem with our industry. Having a focus elsewhere. We need to branch out and work with other countries but we also need to work on what we have here.

The cost of education! People are afraid to go to college.

Can I believe him? Trust is a problem.

The environment! I'm not satisfied. He pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Racial issues: he creates conflict. We are all Americans, not just you because you're white.

The voting lines are way too long - we have to get to work.

Number one, I'm worried about the environment. He's a climate change denier. He's destroying the Clean Air Act. Scott Pruitt, oh my God, he's dismantling the EPA. He actively pushed for us to leave the Climate Accord.

Foreign diplomacy is a big problem. We should be working with other countries for peaceful solutions to our problems.

He's shooting his mouth off, revealing other countries' secrets, escalating conflict in the Middle East. He's aligning himself with people like Putin, and North Korea, and that Turkish leader, and the Philippines.

His ethics! He is not releasing his taxes, he's having staff and himself staying in his properties. His kids are managing his properties, what a conflict of interest. It's so huge.

Healthcare: he'll take it away and ruin life for people who need it.

How did we elect someone like that?

I don't like the division and racism. I thought we were beyond it, but he brings it out in people.

There is a lot of hate in people. I worked for Hillary but I was afraid to wear her shirt.

I'm worried about foreign relations. Let's not start another war.

There is such a void, a gap, between us and the politicians.

Wealth equality: people who work for a living make the least. Minimum wage is half of what it needs to be to get by.

He's not serious on the climate issue. He isn't taking the environment seriously. It's all we have at the end of the day. Corporations are getting in the way.

He's not treating immigrants fairly.

I don't like that he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

He's going to start a war with somebody.

Selma, NC, June 10 2017

He needs to stop spray painting his body orange. And he needs to think of a better way to treat women.

He shouldn't decide on his own to go to war with Syria.

The minimum wage isn't fair. There aren't jobs.

He's associating with the wrong countries, like China and Russia

We need jobs. How about plants to build cars and planes?

The police are not fair. We need fair treatment of the races.

We need gun control.

He should be helping the poor, the seniors.

The schools need support - for finance, trade schools, college

He's cutting healthcare, that's wrong.

Immigration: no wall!

Coal is not going to happen. We need to look to future sources of energy.

There are not enough jobs.

He doesn't listen to the people. There is no good leadership.

The minimum wage needs to be raised.

Health care is too expensive.

There are drunk drivers in our neighborhood.

Congress: they should do their job.

Healthcare: I have diabetes and my medicine has gotten so expensive.

I'm ok now with same sex marriage.

We need to keep black children in school.

I'm worried about poverty and gun control.

We need healthcare - for the elderly and for everyone

I'm worried about our relations with other countries.

Veterans benefits are in trouble. Don't take their Social Security benefits.

My issues? Health insurance cost. Foreign relations. Social Security being cut.

The president is undoing what we've already done. It seems we are moving backward instead of forward.

It seems he's taking everything away from senior citizens: cutting food stamps, insurance. A lot of people will suffer.

My #1 issue is health care. Some people can't afford it and need government aid (that includes food stamps)

I am concerned about the way the world is going. It seems he's trying to take everything away from poor people.

College loans are so expensive and they are not helping students after they finish college.

Congress is not doing anything They tell the people they'll do certain things, just to get them to vote - then they do the opposite.

I hate how he talks about children. He's cutting medicare for senior citizens, and food stamps.

Teachers in Johnston County can't get raises. It's a big problem.

I don't like that we are no longer a leader when it comes to environmental policy.

It's wrong to cut medicaid, medicare and food stamps for the elderly.

He has not considered how racist the country has become. This is not the vision I had for my grandchildren.

Congress is too busy playing tit-for-tat with the money (the budget). I never understand where the money goes.

There is no money for the I-95 corridor schools.

Over the years I've become cynical about politics in general because of the lack of attention paid to Johnston County.

This side of the railroad tracks we are impoverished and nobody cares, local or state politicians. I don't feel my vote matters.

The majority of this community misses out on voting for practical reasons: can't take time off work, for instance. Before work the lines are so long.

We need more education about the voting process.

We need better solutions to the homeless problem here in Johnston County. The Democratic party needs to take a ride through the community and take a look. The boys and girls club had a leaking roof. They are trying to put a prison right next to Smithfield/Selma Sr. High School

We are over-reliant on foreign energy. We're going the wrong way.

Wrong direction on foreign policy.

There is a lack of investment in education.

I'm worried about the economy. Companies are leaving the country.

(Trump voter) I wanted changes but I'm not seeing that. Both parties are the same.

The president should get off social media

There is a racial war going on against black people

I'm worried about violence.

I'm retired, I have no worries, but I hate seeing the country go down.

The man don't listen to nobody. He isn't doing anything what he should have.

I would have voted for a Republican some time if they acted right.

I would have preferred anybody except this man.

There's too much killing of blacks - and of whites too. Stop it!

Health care needs to be better for everybody.

I'm worried about a possible war with Israel.

I don't like Trump messing with the Russians.

He takes action but not in the right way.

It's too easy to get guns.

Why are we messing with ISIS? That man wants a war.

I would have voted for Hillary but she would not have won.

School teachers need raises.

She didn't have a chance.

I didn't vote because I thought Trump would win anyhow.

He's telling a lot of lies. He says something and then says he didn't say it.

We're going to go to war if he keeps going the way he's going.

He's abusing people's rights.

In the budget plan, changes in medicaid and health insurance coverage affect a lot of people who really need it.

The issue with the FBI commissioner makes me very uncomfortable.

Everything is getting swept under the rug. That's not a good basis for hiring and firing.

His immigration policy is bad. We should help the immigrants get papers so they can start working.

We need Obamacare! Everybody is flipping out, they don't have the money for their hospital bills.

Campaigns should start early, they should tell us what is really going on and who we are voting for.

We need to save food stamps, meals on wheels, programs for veterans and the elderly. (This person was not old)

We should take care of the people in the U.S. instead of sending people to war.

People are struggling. The president is making it harder for them to get ahead. I have my foot in the door... I just want to get my nursing degree before he takes away the Pell grants. I have one more year. I want my kids to go to college, but if I can't get my degree how will I pay for that?

It's frustrating and complicated. It makes you furious if you pay attention, so I don't. I'm a Christian, what's going to be will be.

Angier NC, June 4 2017

He doesn't listen to the people.

I don't like that he pulled out of the climate agreement.

I don't like that he fired Comey.

I tried to vote but the place was closed.

Everyone is the same. There should not be racism.

Latins are good people too.

He's doing all the wrong things. Why does he want to go to war? Why did we need another battleship?

I didn't vote because I knew they were going to do Hillary wrong. She didn't have a chance.

I hate that he's going to cut Medicare and Medicaid. If the government can't help people what is it there for?

We need to get along with other nations.

This president thinks he's a ruler or a king.

He's acting like a businessman.

He wants to put his name on Obamacare so he can mess it up.

If government believed in its people - in poor people - this country would be a better place.

The Democratic leaders need to fight harder.

I'm very concerned about the environment - about the weather - about climate change.

I'm worried about war.

WAR! worries me. Let's not start what we can't finish!

I don't like that he gave his cellphone number to the overseas people.

I hope he doesn't cut health care and ruin our insurance.

He's messing with Russia! Leave those people alone.

He should take care of the ones he needs to, the ones who need something to eat.

He's trying to start a war - why not leave those people alone?

We should try to help the people who are flooded - they need somewhere to stay.

(Two Republicans) We are reaching the upperclass but the lower class is left out - all tax breaks should be for the lower and middle classes.

(Same two Republicans) I disagree with his environmental actions. All the money and time that's been invested in proving emissions affect the ozone layer - we're causing the glaciers to melt. That water has to go somewhere. This imbalance is not as God intended.

(Same two Republicans) We should have stayed in the Paris Climate agreement

Get some new politicians that care about the country.

Care for the people. We need a different direction.

We need a focus on teenagers. I'm worried about elementary and middle school education too.

Teacher pay - and starting pay - should be better.

There are so many racial problems.

Party leaders whould be participating more in the community.

I'm worried about divisiveness. The example the president sets is terrible. He should speak English better.

I have no confidence in him. He might be a crook. He doesn't want a free press. He entertained the Russians without Americans present.

I'm appalled by the do-nothing Republicans.

I'm in the health care field. I see so much about poverty. It affects everything.

I'm worried by our relationships with other countries.


Corruption: oppressing and cheating other people is a sore spot with me.

We have political gridlock. The system doesn't work.

Health care is my issue! I'm for the ACA

Taxes are too high.

We need immigration reform.

I disagree with our pulling out of the Paris Accord.

We can't get a handle on racial segregation.

The Trump administration is stuck, there's no progress.

How about Social Security solvency? The senators and congressmen don't pay into it. The ultra rich should pay more into it. I like Bernie's idea to increase the cap.

Stop telling just what you want consituents to hear - give the whole picture.

Trump is not doing what he said he would do.

I'm worried about Korea.

I'm bothered about income inequality.

There have been so many blue collar jobs lost. We need more education and more jobs.

They are more concerned about their party than about people.

Marriage equality act. It shouldn't be legislated.

People over politics.

Holly Springs May 28, 2017

They are not protecting students' rights like special education. There is not enough school funding.

I am very concerned about the erosion of freedom of speech and the lack of tolerance for other views.

Our security is at risk because the President talks too loosely.

There is a lack of compromise - everything is too partisan.

Trump is dividing the country. He's allowed racism to come to the forefront. The president is callous - I thought we were founded on the principles of relgious freedom. He's banned people from entering the country. God likes diversity.

Ben Carson's statement "Being poor is a state of mind" is terrible. If you've ever worked with vulnerable populations, you discover that's not true. We have to help other people to help themselves. We can't just help the rich get richer. "As much is given much is expected."

I'm disgusted by Trump's business deals.

I'm very fond of Clinton. Men are intimidated by intelligent women, especially men in the Republican party.

Health care is an important issue particularly for people in the service.

I hate with he's trying to do with keeping people out. I'm very concerned about this policy. We need a compromise.

LGBT issues: my wife and I are concerned about our future.

I work in the health care industry and see what the lack of health care is doing to individuals.

Trump is a pathological liar. To be a leader you must have respect, loyalty, accountability.

The environment: he doesn't understand these concerns are real. It's awful that he acts like climate change is a joke.

His campaign has generated so much hostility and hatred. I'm really concerned for all the communities Trump has attacked.

The president is disrespectful. We need politicians who care about the masses, poor as well as rich.

The president has given certain segments of the population permission to express bigotry.

I'm worried about disenfranchisement and distregard for people caught in a Macchiavellian web of deceit and lack of compassion.

I don't like the imposition of religion in school and businesses.

There should be better compensation for teachers.

Everybody needs to be able to afford health care (a Trump supporter)

Healthcare: a lot of people who can't afford it might not have it soon.

Foreign Affairs: we need more diplomacy, weighing of all sids. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Listen with an open mind. Compromise. Have more compassion.

Don't ignore racial issues. they do exist.

I'm worried about the Russia investigation.

Keep Obamacare and make it better.

I checked out of politics because of all the nonsense. I'm just trying to survive. There should be more money for the middle class.

I'm worried about cuts to school programs and Social Security. I'm scared.

We should be fighting for equality rights.

I'm against that wall of his.

I'm against military buildup and movement toward war.

Nobody trusts our officials. They're just thinking about themselves.

Obamacare shouldn't have been repealed without a better replacement.

I'm worried about uninsured Americans.

I don't want war.

There should be better access to higher education.

I'm worried about poverty.

There should be more jobs, and better paid.

We need a better leader.

I'm worried about homeless people. More should be spent on the homeless. There should be programs.

Disability benefits should be easier to get and they shouldn't be cut.

The minimum wage should be increased.

The social security system is unfair.

My insurance is going up.

I'm worried about the war that might happen.

School teachers' pay is too low.

Taxes are too high on the middle class.

Veterans' benefits should be better.

He needs to step down. He doesn't tell the truth.

I don't like how the law is behaving.

Russia! I want the truth revealed. Are they all in denial?

There are people in need. They shouldn't have to work 20 hours to get Medicaid.

Changes in the medical situation are already impacting the elderly.

Prescription drugs are so expensive. I'm very afraid about the future of Medicaid.

Apex, NC May 25, 2017

Trump is not taking stuff seriously. It's a business for him, it's not what the people want.

His policies are one-sided - they are not fair.

The problems with his taxes being released - they've been put on the back burner.

He just does stuff to see if he can get away with it.

He just gets rid of programs because somebody else set them up. That is childish behavior.

I'm concerned about the Russian thing.

I don't feel safe, the way he lets secrets out.

I'm disappointed in the Democratic leaders - I want them to stand up for what's right. They are scared of him.

They should be trying to make the country better for working class people. That's who pays the bills.

As far as health care goes, they leave people out to die. They are not being fair.

I'm worried about the stability of the stock market.

The Democratic leaders talk is good but their motives are questionable.

The Democrats are more humanistic. When I listen to the GOP I think, not everyone was born with a silver spoon. They have a surplus but it's only for their own causes and goals. They should be giving poor people a hand up.

Felons who have done their time should be free to live where they want.

Our country is losing all its rights.

I am worried about the increase in racism. When blacks apply for things they are turned down. Nobody is trying to help us any more.

The taxes are raised, we can't afford to pay for what we need.

Police treat blacks so badly now - they shoot for no reason, it didn't used to be that way. They used to be for protecting people, now they want to take us out.

The president doesn't understand the point of being president, he's just a business man and he's all for the rich, the poor have no say. Whatever he says, goes.

He wants to get rid of all the Mexicans, then probably he'll try to put blacks back into slavery.

The Democrats can't get anything done, they have no power.

Racism is worse than it used to be - I get treated differently now - people don't help us - we needed help with our light bill, we couldn't get it.

We really need Medicaid and Medicaire. I can't go to the doctor. I'm in debt to a doctor right now and my mother needs medicine she can't get. And she can't go to a dentist.

School is not comfortable for blacks any more. It's degrading. School used to be a safe place. I fear for my grand-nieces and nephews.

Racism is so bad now. There is so much death for us. We get treated differently.

The pay for the jobs there are is so low.

Racism was bad when I was growing up but now it's worse.

Health care: it was pretty good but the changes coming up are for the worse.

I'm afraid of what's going to happen to our education now.

Just because she was a woman doesn't mean she wasn't good.

Income is my biggest concern, I worked for 50 years and all I get in social security is $1200/month

I thought he might be good, he might make changes, but he's picked all the wrong people.

Washington doesn't care about poor people

She had so much experience, she would have been a better choice.

I'm worried about the stuff with other countries: Russia, Korea, we shouldn't be starting stuff with them.

He is not presidential. He should get off twitter.

I'd tell you what I think, but it's too explicity.

Hillary would have been a great leader.

Angier, NC May 22, 2017

We need better roads

We're worried about Russian collusion

Trump is a snake, he fooled people

We need more jobs

I want immigration legalized for more people

We live in a ghost town. The jobs are leaving.

Our teachers are not paid enough. Our schools are not equipped properly. Therefore we don't have people to do the jobs there are! We have to bring in foreigners to do them. It's crazy.

We need to improve the infrastructure and that would increase jobs. The whole country's electrical grid needs to be overhauled so we need trained electricians, we need roads and bridges fixed.

Where are our taxes going?

The Democrats need to get unified, they need to be on one team, that's why they lost.

I didn't vote because I thought it would be a mess. The wrong people were running. Now I think Hillary was an okay candidate.

If somebody had talked to me about the issues before the election I definitely would have voted for Hillary (several people said this)

I'm a vet and it feels like war is on the way.

Trump does not have the knowledge to lead us.

I didn't vote because I didn't like who was running.

I'm very worried about immigration reform. My husband is Hispanic and I'm afraid for our children. I do not like the deportations.

Health care for low income folks needs to be protected. I have no income and can't go to the doctor or get medicine.

We need criminal justic reform.

I don't have a vehicle. I would have voted if somebody had explained the issues and I'd gotten a ride.

Our secondary education is terrible - there needs to be money for programs, books, aftershool activities.

We need more jobs "and I don't mean McDonald's."

We need more shops.

The infrastructure needs to be built up.

There should be gyms and places for young people to go. It used to be better around here.

I don't have a phone or a vehicle. I would have voted if somebody had talked to me before the election. I didn't know who to vote for because I questioned the fitness of both candidates for office.

Social Security benefits need to be increased.

Low income folks should not have to pay taxes.

I'm a Democrat but I vote the issues. I feel a lot of the Democrats aren't doing anything.

Trump says one thing and does another. He's trying to blame Obama. He doesn't care about minorities. I'm sorry for the people who are really sick and can't have insurance.

In Garner people have to move because their complex was bought out. Where can they go?

Trump runs the country like Trump Towers. He doesn't take humans seriously.

I would have voted for Clinton but I didn't.

Holly Springs, April 2017

My twelve year old is upset about war in Korea

We hate the idea of the wall

We are worried about health care

[A Republican] I'm upset the arts are being taken away from the schools

Health care costs are ridiculous - $2,000 for our family of four - way beyond the scope of our income - we should all refuse to pay. Sanders' idea was right - health care should go national

I am disturbed about sending immigrants back.

A lot of money is leaving the United States and what is it going to? Nobody tells us. The money should be spent here to improve infrastructure.

Congress should not block everything, it's embarrassing in the world's eyes. Why not just rename Obamacare something else and leave it in place.

I would vote for any party that gets medical right.

I'm worried our president does not understand there are three branches of government, not just one.

The president is a businessman, he does not understand law, the budget, healthcare. He does not have any better programs to replace the ones he destroys.

I'm annoyed that there is no strong Democrat leader.

Why is it so hard for us to do what the world is doing in health care?

The President is destroying the world we live in - he supports coal and cites people who install solar. He champions fossil fuels.

The leaders should all work together to logically solve problems. There are a LOT of us who are "in the middle."

There should be bi-partisanship, listening on both sides.

Health care is such a polarized issue there is no resolution.

There should be a bipartisan investigation of Russian ties.

I'm in pain. I'm a disabled vet. They will never get health care right. They are never satisfied with how much money they make, they never make enough. It's all about "theirs" - it should be about "everybodies"

The economy is going to hell.

We should start building again - there's no money for it but we can't afford not to.

I'm a former public school teacher opposed to vouchers. Now I home school my children.

Everybody should have the opportunity to get a good education.

Schools lack accountability

Teachers have no latitude to teach. They have to teach to test scores.

There is not enough funding for teachers and schools.

We need more investment in public education.

We need lower classroom sizes. There needs to be more tech in the public schools.

I'm angry about the education gap based on where you live.

We need to get more people working

There are too many tax cuts for the rich.

Lower taxes for the middle class, higher taxes for millionaires.

Taxes are a giveaway for corporations. I'm not a trickle-down guy.

We need single-payer insurance.

We need a better regulated health care industry.

Don't take away coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Drugs are too expensive.

Everybody should have health care

We need more access to health care.

Obamacare should be improved. Insurance premiums need to go down.

Healthcare needs to be affordable for everybody, regardless.

The President has legitimized bigotry

The President is ignorant towards the world

The President's advisers and appointees are questionable.

Climate change should not be debated, it is fact.

I am worried about North Korea. (Many)

I am worried about the Middle East

I am worried about China and Russia

I am worried about all the fighting and strong reactions.

I am worried about the reduction of funding for the interior, for the environment.

We should be cutting military costs.

The President is not draining the swamp.

People are getting away with hatred

Scientific research should not be de-funded

There is too much emphasis on social issues

The country is too polarized.

Preserve the separation of church and state

Gerrymandering is bad for democracy

The President is out of touch with the country.

The vetting process for immigrants is difficult and bogus

The wall is a terrible idea.

I don't care for the President's behavior, his bullying. There is no focus on policies.

Focus on rural issues.

Congress is too partisan.

Congress squabbles too much.

Congress has its hands tied.

Russia is controlling the executive branch of government.

There is a resurgence of racist political and social views.

There is renewed attacking of women's reproductive freedoms.

The true colors of the Republican Party since Reagen have been shown - they think they can control everything.

I am upset that sanders dismissed women's issues.

I hope Ellison and Perez can work together.

I am disappointed by Obama's book deals and cashing in on sucess.

I was disappointed in Kaine as Clinton's running mate.


The environment needs protection.

I'm worried about womens' rights.

I'm worried about putting up a wall and cruel immigration policies.

The President is rude. I didn't like the way he made fun of that reporter.

There should be no need for political parties - just do the right thing!

The problem is with Congress. The members of congress are wealthy. They don't do the right thing for the people.

I'm worried about climate change.

The president is antagonistic and ignorant.

I'm worried about crumbling infrastructure.

I'm disappointed that the Democratic Party is not working harder to move forward.

There needs to be more regulation of the financial sector.

I'm worried about Monsanto/pesticides

I'm worried about the antagonistic attitude toward immigrants

I'm worried about gerrymandering reducing our ability to choose our leaders

There should be equal rights for all groups.

I'm worried about violence: urban violence and we need better gun control.

The Democrats don't have a cohesive message. Their policy is unclear.

I'm worried about the anti-science groups

Bernie was more trustworthy and had better ideas.

Democrats don't communicate well. They don't show people how they can benefit.

I'm worried about ISIS.

I did not like Bernie Sanders, I didn't connect with him.

Democrats need to relate more to voters.

Mental health treatment should be easier to get.

Healthcare costs frighten me.

There needs to be more aid for the poor.

Democrats are trying, but they are only asking for money. Local races are good to focus on. Bernie was more progressive and doesn't just want the status quo.

Democrats don't have any real leaders. They break promises. They are more concerned about elections than meeting peoples' needs. Democrats should be more focused on social issues than economic ones.

I'm worried about gentrification in Holly springs, the overpopulation and the traffic.

There should be more young people in politics.

I'm worried for the veterans.

I'm worried about war. (Many)

I'm worried about terrorism, war, and health insurance.

Politics are crazy, there is no reaching of consensus.

My vote did not count.

The President is a fraud and a bully.

The President should follow rules and make things better.

I'm concerned about young kids.

I hate that he is deregulating everything environmental. I'm from Ohio where the river burned.

If he guts the EPA our children won't be able to breathe. There should not be deregulation of fossil fuels to benefit billionairs. They should not destroy sacred burial grounds for a pipeline.

I'm not really happy with anything. (Many)

Why does everybody need guns?

Why would anybody be against gay marriage? It's a created issue.

There is a widening gap between the rich and poor.

HATE is our biggest problem.

Truth and facts don't mean anything anymore.

I have gay family members, I could never vote for a Republican.

I'm afraid of World War III, that's what's scariest.

I'm worried about international affairs and trade.

Arts are being taken away from our educational system.

Traditional liberalism is under attack all over the world.

Education has fallen off the rails.

He has no clue how to run social services.

I'm worried about the inability to take care of vets.

I'm worried about the national debt.

We need to support people with disabilities and make sure the refugees are taken care of.

What do I think about what he's doing? I don't use that language.

In educational system, students are put into a box, all have to fit in or they are penalized. Not all children learn the same way.

I don't like the deregulation of the internet and attacks on our privacy.

I don't like the LGBT laws.

We have representational government, so they should be doing what we ask them to do.

Erwin, NC 4/8/2017

He's acting like he still owns the reality show.

He should be fired, he's wrong for the job.

If they hadn't passed NAFTA, the mill jobs would still be here.

He's not the presidential type.

I don't think it's right for his family to be in White House positions.

I could have run the White House better than Trump.

Trees on the lines and leash laws. Should be notices of town meetings.

We need activities for kids.

I don't think he's stable. I worry about the safety of the country.

They keep raising the retirement age. Looks like you'll have to work for the rest of your life.

Democrats did not get out their message last time. Nobody came through here! What about grass roots? Lots of people who voted for Obama did not vote this time.

It must be in God's hands, that he's in there. I'm still praying.

Equality - all of us are created equal - I guess this falls under immigration issues.

My husband begged for help from the Democrats - he said y'all are not canvassing the neighborhood.

We need training programs so folks can get jobs.

Health care should be free. Education should be free.

He's an idiot. He doesn't know anything. This field he's in now is not for him. He's silly.

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